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Coordinates: 39°55′23.22″N 116°23′33.64″E / 39.9231167°N 116.3926778°E / 39.9231167; 116.3926778

Guilty Chinese Scholar Tree.jpg

The Zuihuai (Chinese: 罪槐; pinyin: Zuìhuái; literally: "guilty pagoda tree"), a specimen of the pagoda tree (Styphnolobium japonicum) located in Beijing's Jingshan Park, is a famous tree and national landmark on which the last emperor of the Ming dynasty, Chongzhen, was said to have hanged himself after a rebel army led by Li Zicheng successfully captured the capital in 1644.[1]

The original tree was uprooted during the Cultural Revolution and the tree that is currently standing at the site is a replacement.[citation needed]


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