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Guineos (pronounced ghee-nay-oss) usually refers to a ripened banana. The term guineo is sometimes used in reference to its ripened counterpart: the yellow (ripened) banana. Some make a distinction between the two and refer to green bananas as guineos verdes (green bananas) and yellow bananas as guineos (ripe bananas).

Guineos are not to be confused with plantains, which are far starchier than the guineo and cannot be used in the same ways.

Guineos are used widely in Latin American cooking as they are versatile, inexpensive, and filling.

Dominican Republic[edit]

Guineítos a dish where green bananas are boiled then sauteed with peppers and onions.

Mangú can also be made with guineos although less common.

Labouyi Bannann is a green banana porridge from Haiti that's seen in Dominican cuisine.

Puerto Rico[edit]

In Puerto Rico cooking green bananas are in dishes such as viandas, pasteles, sancocho, alcapurria, mofongo, and escabeche. There are many other dish on the island using green bananas.

Asopao de Gandules (pigeon pea soup) is a soup made with green banana and viandas dumplings, pigeon, pork or oxtail.

Serernata de Bacalao (salted cod with root vegetables). Salted cod fish mixed with tropical root vegetables, green bananas, cabbage, chayote, hard boiled eggs, and avocado. The boiled vegetables, green bananas, and chayote are then sauteed with peppers, lots of olive oil and vinegar. The cod is shredded and mixed in. The salad is then garnish with cilantro, eggs, avocado, and onions.

Ajo Pollo (egg and green banana dumplings soup).

Guineos verdes en fricasé (fricassee green bananas). Green bananas cooked in a spicy tomato base fricassee sauce with recaíto, capers, pique criollo, black and green olives.

Aranitas (Shredded Green banana Patties). Once the bananas shredded mashed garlic and salt are add. They are then made into small patties and fried.