Guinness Ghana Breweries

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Guinness Ghana Breweries
Guinness Ghana Breweries logo.jpg
Type Beer; dry stout; liquor
Country of origin Ghana
Introduced 1991

Guinness Ghana Breweries (GSE: GGBL) is a Ghanaian brewery based at the Kaasai Industrial Area in Kumasi. They are listed on the stock index of the Ghana Stock Exchange, the GSE All-Share Index. It formed in 1991.When production started at its inception, the company produced only Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, popularly known as Guinness. The primary depot was at the same position with stores across the country particularly in the south. In 1988/89 another brand, this time non-alcoholic beverage, Malta Guinness was introduced and that became an instant hit capturing almost 70% of that market.

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