Golem of Kruja

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Golem (Albanian: 'Gulam'; Greek: Goulamos,[1]) was an Albanian lord and vassal of Krujë and Elbasan circa 1254.[2] He married the daughter of sebastos Gregorios Kamonas and Komnena Nemanjić and was thus entitled the rule of his father-in-law.[2] He was the last prince of the Principality of Arbër.

Despotate of Epirus 1252–1315

During the conflicts between Michael II Komnenos Doukas of Epirus and Emperor John III Doukas Vatatzes of Nicaea, Golem and Theodore Petraliphas, who were initially Michael's allies, Golem defected to John Vatatzes in 1252.[1][3] He is last mentioned in the sources among other local leaders, in a meeting with George Akropolites in Durrës in 1256.

Preceded by
Gregorios Kamonas
Lord of Kruja and Elbasan
fl. 1252–1254
Succeeded by
Post abolished


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