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Gulf Coast Energy Inc. is a biofuel company headquartered in Livingston, Alabama. The company currently focuses on two product lines: biodiesel that uses chicken fat and soybean oil as its feedstock and ethanol made from wood waste.

Gulf Coast Energy was founded in 2007 and began operations the following year. In January 2008, the state of Florida awarded the company a US$7 million grant in January 2008 for the creation of a combined biodiesel and ethanol production facility in Mossy Head, Florida.[1] In June 2008, the company opened an ethanol demonstration plant in Livingston, Alabama, at the site of an abandoned lumber mill.[2] The company partnered with the neighboring city of Hoover, Alabama, in an agreement where the city would provide the plant with wood waste, which in turn would be turned into the ethanol used to fuel Hoover’s municipal vehicles.[3] The company has also announced plans to open biofuel production facilities in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Jasper, Tennessee.[4]


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