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Gullane Entertainment (originally The Britt Allcroft Company) was a British television production company which produced children's programming, including Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, Shining Time Station, and Magic Adventures of Mumfie.

Gullane was also well known for its acquisition of Art Attack, Fireman Sam, Sooty and Captain Pugwash.


  • James the Cat (1984) - James is a black and white cat who lives in an old house with his friends (spin-off of Flower Stories).
  • Fireman Sam (1985–present) - The adventures of Pontypandy's friendly fireman who is always there to save the day.
  • Captain Pugwash (1957 & 1998) - Captain Pugwash and his mates search for treasure on the Black Pig against the evil Cut Throat Jake. This is based on the original characters by John Ryan.
  • Eckhart (2000-2001) - A little mouse and his friends who have a lot of adventures travelling around the world, based on the character created by David Weale.



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