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Gulmit village in the Passu Cones

Gulmit is the headquarters of the Gojal Tehsil, in the upper Hunza region of the Gilgit territory in the Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan. Gulmit is a centuries-old historic town, with mountains, peaks and glaciers. It is a tourist spot and has many hotels, shops and a museum. Its altitude is 2408 m (7900 ft) above the Arabian Sea level. Small hamlets consist of Kamaris, Odver, Dalgiram, Laksh, Kalha, Shawaran, Khor Lakhsh, Chamangul and Goze.

Gulmit is also a Turkish or Iranian word which means "the valley of flowers".


Before 1974, when Hunza was a state, Gulmit used to be the Summer Capital of the state. After the abolition of the state it became the Tehsil's seat of government. The oldest intact house in Gulmit is more than six centuries old. Most of People in the entire Gojal Valley have Central Asian ancestral backgrounds. The people speak Wakhi language and belong to the Shia Imami Ismaili sect of Islam. Population of Gulmit, according to 2003 census, consists of around 2500 individuals. Forty nine percent of the population comprises females


There are six Jamaat-khanas or religious community centres in Gulmit. One notices their presence in every ward of the village. The old Summer Palace of Mir of Hunza stands at the northern edge of Gulmit's historic Polo Ground. Old mosques, now used as libraries, also adorn the beautiful physique of Gulmit valley.

Among new buildings constructed by the government in Gulmit are Tehsil Headquarters, Federal Government's Boys High School, Civil Hospital, Diamond Jubilee Girls Middle School and Government Girls Higher Secondary School.

Al- Amyn Model School, a community based organization, has a beautiful building standing next to the Health Center of Aga Khan Health Services.


There are well furnished hotels in Gulmit valley. Some of these hotels are Silk Route Lodge, Marco Polo Hotel, Village Guest House, Gulmit Tourist Inn, Shutubar Inn and Horse Shoe Motel (not in running condition).

Village organizations[edit]

There are as many as 26 registered organizations working wholehearted for betterment of the village. Most of these organizations work under the umbrella of Gulmit Organization for Local Development (GOLD). Some of the larger organizations, member-wise and activities-wise are the following:

  • Gulmit Educational and Social Welfare Society (GESW)
  • Counselling and Management Body Gulmit (CMBG)
  • Gulmit Arts Council
  • Gulmit Natural Resources Conservation Group
  • Rituals Committee

Apart from these social organizations there are other Ismaili organizations, working under the banner of the Shia Immami Ismaila Council for Gulmit. These Ismaili organizations cater services to the entire Gojal Valley but Gulmit, being the headquarters, hosts their offices.

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