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گلشن حدید
Bin Qasim Town, Karachi
Country  Pakistan
Province Sindh
Demonym Karachiite
Time zone PST (UTC+05:00)
Postal codes 75010
Dialling code +9221-XXXX XXXX

Gulshan-e-Hadeed (Sindhi: گلشن حديد )is a town located in the southeastern part of Karachi along the Arabian Sea and the Indus River. It is a union council-6 of Bin Qasim Town Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.

The structure of Gulshan-e-Hadeed was carefully designed by Russian engineers. Residential houses are built in such a way that the double road, which encircles the whole area, faces "C" block bungalows, which are the largest in area. Behind "C" block bungalows and facing the double roads that pass across the area are "B" block houses which are of middle size. The core of the area is made up of small "A" block houses, which are the most numerous type. By now, the houses facing the main artery of the area have been commercialized by owners, so now shops are present on both sides of the main road that passes through the area.

Gulshan-e-Hadeed provides almost all necessary facilities for business, as well as education. Its streets and roads both are paved.[citation needed] The area is densely populated. Two- and three-storey houses seem to be increasing in number. [1]


The ethnic groups in Gulshan-e-Hadeed include Muhajir, Punjabies, Sindhis, Kashmiris, Seraikis, Pakhtuns, Balochs, Memons and hindus. Over 99 percent of the population is Muslim. Most of the residents of Gulshan-e-Hadeed work in Pakistan Steel Mills and adjoining industries in Bin Qasim Town. The population of Gulshan-e-Hadeed has been growing due to heavy immigration from the interior of Sindh and other provinces.


Gulshan-e-Hadeed is a union council-6 of Bin Qasim town District Malir karachi. It is 30-minutes drive (around 18 km) from Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport. There are many villages in the surrounding of it. There are roads leading to Gadap Town, Thatta and Hyderabad.

Development phases[edit]

  • Gulshan-e-Hadeed is divided into four parts:
  • Phase I is a commercial and residential area. It includes about 2500 houses and a centrally located main commercial market that comprises many shops. In the center of Phase I there is a mosque called the Jamia Masjid Dayare Habib Trust. It is among the largest mosques in Karachi, and it regularly gathers more than 5000 people at Friday prayers.
  • Phase II is a residential and commercial area, comprising more than 4000 houses. Phase II has local small markets called "L markets" in each neighbourhood. There are fifteen such markets in Phase II and two main commercial markets
  • Phase II Extension into which residents are moving.
  • Phase III which has yet to be developed.


Gulshan-e-Hadeed is also called a school town.But there is no Montessori Schools which educate small childrens in good manners. There are many coaching centers in Gulshan-E-Hadeed as well.


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