I'm a Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song)

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"I'm A Gummy Bear
(The Gummy Bear Song)"
Single by Gummibär
from the album I Am Your Gummy Bear
Released 13 October 2001 (2001-10-13)
Format CD single, digital download, remixes EP
Length 3:10
Label Gummybear International[citation needed]
Writer(s) Schneider, C.P.[1]
Producer(s) Tonekind, Papabar, Rene Rennefeld[2]
Gummibär singles chronology
"I'm a Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song)"
"Cho Ka Ka O (Choco Choco Choco)"
Music video
"The Gummy Bear Song" on YouTube

"I'm a Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song)" is a novelty dance song by Gummibär, in reference to the gummy bear, a type of bear-shaped candy originating in Germany. It was written by German composer Christian Schneider and released by its label Gummybear International. The song was first released in Hungary, where it spent eight months as number 1.[3]

Subsequently it became global as an internet meme, in large part due to its corresponding videos on YouTube and MySpace.[2] It has since been released in at least twenty five languages and has virally spread worldwide with more than 1 billion plays. The French Version (Funny Bear) was written by Peter Kitsch.

With the song ready-made for ringtone use, one critic commented "he's the ultimate cross-platform, cross-cultural phenomenon YouTube was designed to unleash."[4] It is heard on his debut album I Am Your Gummy Bear released in 2001. Since the song's release, many songs, including a cover of "Blue (Da Ba Dee)", have been released by Gummibär.

Multiple languages[edit]

Versions have been released in many languages, including originally in Hungarian and English versions.

Language Original Name Meaning
Hungarian Itt van a Gumimaci[1] Here's The Teddy Gummy Bear
Czech Jsem pouze z gumy méďa I'm Just A Gummy Bear
Dutch Ik ben een Gummibeer I Am A Gummy Bear
Estonian Ma olen Kummipea I Am Gummy Bear
French Je m'appelle Funny Bear[5] My Name Is Funny Bear
German Ich bin Dein Gummibär[6] I Am Your Gummy Bear
Greek Tha Mai Kalo Paidi (Θα 'μαι καλό παιδί)* I'll Be A Good Kid
Hebrew Ani Gummy bear (אני גאמי בר) I'm A Gummy Bear
Irish Is mise an Gummy Bear I Am the Gummy Bear
Polish Ja jestem Gumi Miś I'm Gummy Bear
Brazilian Portuguese Eu Sou O Gummy Bear I Am Gummy Bear
European Portuguese Eu Sou O Ursinho Gummy I'm Little Gummy Bear
Russian Ya mishka Gummy Bear (Я мишка Гумми Бер) I Am Gummy Bear
Slovak Ja som len z gumy macko I'm Only Teddy Gummy Bear
Spanish Osito Gominola[1] Teddy Gummy Bear
Spanglish Yo Soy Tu Gummy Bear I Am Your Gummy Bear
Swedish Jag är en Gummibjörn[7] I'm A Gummy Bear
Japanese 僕はグミベル (Boku wa Gumiberu) I Am A Gummy Bear

*There are two Greek versions, the original one and another which produced for a commercial.

Music video[edit]

Videos corresponding to at least twenty five languages were posted, as well as a version featuring a "jolly and jiggly" lime green cartoon of a rubbery candy gummy bear in orange underwear basically bouncing around and breakdancing. "Oh I'm a yummy, tummy, funny, lucky gummy bear" and "I'm a movin', groovin', jammin', singing gummy bear" are the most common and mostly understood lyrics of this song.[2][8][9]

Gummibär, the highly stylized green blue-eyed character is naked except for an orange underwear and sneakers. Gummibär also seems to be bitten with a small portion of the upper left ear missing, which may be because the song is about candy. The bear's muzzle or, allowing for anthropomorphism, his mustache and goatee, are sugar-crusted and he only has two small teeth spaced far apart on his lower jaw.

The video, a 30 second CGI pop promo animated in Softimage XSI, was directed, designed and animated by Peter Dodd and produced through Wilfilm in Copenhagen for Ministry of Sound GmbH in Berlin.[10]

Weekly charts[edit]

Chart (2009) Peak
Greece Digital Songs (Billboard)[11] 1
Canada (Canadian Hot 100)[12] 87
US Hot Dance/Electronic Songs (Billboard)[13] 28
Japan (Japan Hot 100)[14] 36
Germany (Media Control Charts)[15] 53
Sweden (Sverigetopplistan)[16] 11
Australia (ARIA)[17] 12


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