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Gun politics in Kuwait have caused stringent gun control. The law does allow firearms to be licenced under specific conditions and regulations:

1- Kuwaiti ( or have an exception from minister of interior to own a firearm). 2- Age must be above 21 years old and fully capable of handling a weapon. 3- Must have no criminal records. 4- Must not be a suspect or under police surveillance. 5- Must have an occupation or a source of living ( must not be homeless or have no source of income ). 6- application should be submitted to the minister by the criminal investigation. [1]

Usually hunting shotguns are the most common licenced weapons in Kuwait also the easiest to get it licenced, hunting and sniper rifles are more difficult to be licensed but .22lr are more commonly licenced whether with threaded or unthreaded barrel.

Pistols are the most difficult licence to get and they are only given to V.I.P or to shooting champions ( sport or Olympic types).

Automatic rifles or machine guns are not allowed to be licensed in Kuwait but many houses does have such illegal weapons that are either taken by the Kuwaiti resistant of Iraq invasion in 1990 or taken during the end of gulf war when the Iraqi army retreated.


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