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Mount Gungarten 2001.jpg
Gungartan as seen from near Whites River Hut (the southwest)
Elevation 2,068 m (6,785 ft)AHD
Location New South Wales, Australia
Range Great Dividing Range
Coordinates 36°16′S 148°23′E / 36.267°S 148.383°E / -36.267; 148.383Coordinates: 36°16′S 148°23′E / 36.267°S 148.383°E / -36.267; 148.383
Easiest route Hike

Gungartan is a mountain in the Australian Alps in New South Wales. It is located close to Whites River Hut in Kosciuszko National Park. It is the highest mountain on mainland Australia not within the Main Range.

Many walkers climb to the peak in summer as it offers excellent views of the surrounding national park. The overall climb to the peak is fairly easy and involves only minor scrambling close to the peak.

In winter the mountain is generally snow covered and offers excellent backcountry skiing across the saddle.

Topographic map of Gungartan.

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