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Gunilla Ekberg is a Swedish-Canadian lawyer. From 2002 to 2006, she was employed at the Ministry of Industry as the Swedish Government's expert on prostitution and trafficking in human beings.

Her education includes a degree in Social Work from Lund University and a law degree from the University of British Columbia in Canada. She took out Canadian citizenship in 2003.

She is a strong opponent of prostitution and an outspoken advocate for Sweden's approach to prostitution, in which the sex buyers are prosecuted, but the prostitutes are supported by the social services in an effort to move them out of the industry.[1] In 2005, the program The Gender War criticized Ekberg for telling the reporter Evin Rubar that she could not expect help if she was assaulted since she opposed the feminist movement.[2][3] This led to calls for her resignation, but Equality Minister (Jämställdhetsminister) Jens Orback defended her.[4]

Subsequently, she became Co-Executive Director to the lobby group Coalition Against Trafficking in Women International in Brussels, from which she continued to campaign against prostitution around the world,[5] including Bulgaria[6] Australia[7] and Vancouver.[1]

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