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Gunn Margit Aas Andreassen (born 23 July 1973 in Kristiansand) is a Norwegian biathlete.

Biathlon career[edit]

She has won two Olympic medals, bronze in Nagano 1998 and silver in Salt Lake City 2002. Both in biathlon relay. From the World Championships she has the following results:

  • 1995 - (Team)
  • 1995 - (Relay)
  • 1997 - (Team)
  • 1997 - (Relay)
  • 2004 - (Relay)

In cross-country skiing she has one World Cup race, a 46th place from Beitostølen in November 2003. She represents Ringkollen SK, the club of her husband, in this sport.[1]

Personal life[edit]

She is a daughter of Ivar Andreassen and niece of Reidar Andreassen. Both were skiers and runners.[2] She was born in Kristiansand, but lived in Birkenes and represented Birkenes IL. She lives with fellow biathlete, Frode Andresen, and they have three sons together, David, who was born around Christmas 2004, Nicolas, who was born 2008 and one other son who was born August 2010.


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