Gunnar Vingren

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Gunnar Vingren
Born (1879-08-08)August 8, 1879
Östra Harg, Östergötland
Died June 29, 1933(1933-06-29) (aged 53)
Occupation Evangelist
Spouse(s) Frida Vingen

Gunnar Vingren was a Swedish Pentecostal missionary evangelist. He served in the early twentieth century in the Amazon and Northeast Brazil. From his work came the Assembly of God in Brazil.


Early life[edit]

Gunnar Vingren was born in Östra Husby, Sweden. Vingren's father was a gardener. Vingren grew up in a Christian home. When he was only 18, the Holy Spirit spoke to him and said he would be a missionary.[1]

United States[edit]

In 1903, he emigrated to the United States where he majored in pastoral studies at Chicago Theological Seminary Swedish. In 1909, the Holy Spirit filled a thirst for Gunnar to receive Baptism in the Holy Spirit.[citation needed] He taught some Scandinavian Baptist churches and decided to follow his missionary vocation.

He later went to South Bend, Indiana, where the church has received the Good News and became a Penecostal Church with 20 people baptized in the Holy Spirit. At a prayer meeting in Indiana, God said that he would do missions in a Pará, Brazil.[citation needed] At another praying meeting, Daniel Berg was asked to accompany him to Brazil. On November 5, 1910, Gunnar and Berg left New York Port and headed out to Pará, Brazil.


On November 19, Gunnar and Berg landed in Brazil and settling in Bethlehem. They studied Portuguese and propagated the doctrine Pentecostal way initially proselytizing among Baptists in Bethlehem and then between bordering the Amazon and northeastern Brazil.

On June 18, 1911, in the home of Celina de Albuquerque, Gunnar and Berg founded the first Brazilian Assemblies of God church.[2]

Gunnar met a nurse named Frida Strandburg. He later married Frida in Belém do Pará in Brazil. In the 1920s Gunnar moved to the south in order to extend their missionary activity. Worked in the organization of the nascent Assemblies of God by creating publications, convene the General Convention of the Assemblies of God in Brazil, compiling a hymnal. Gunnar Vingren and his family went south, passing through Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina, São Paulo. After another series of trips, Gunnar returned a few years later to live permanently in Rio de Janeiro. As in Pará, the Pentecostal work in Rio de Janeiro grew exponentially. On August 15, 1932, Gunnar Vingren the pastor and his family said their goodbyes to the church in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil.


Gunnar, who lived in Brazil started to have health problems. He returned to Sweden and his state worsened which lead to his death in 1933 at the age of 53.

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