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Gunrox logo.jpg
Developer(s) Enkord
Publisher(s) Enkord
Platform(s) PC based
Release date(s) April 1, 2008
Genre(s) Turn-based Strategy MO
Mode(s) Multiplayer only

Gunrox is a multiplayer-only turn-based strategy "squad tactics" game that went live in 2008. The game was created by Enkord, a company known for their flash games.

Game info[edit]

This is a free online game where you have a 3-man squad. Every unit has 12 AP (action points). With AP you can walk around the scenario collecting items, shooting, healing with medkits etc. You can fight against people all over the world. Level up and customize your squad with skills and perks like: sniper, submachine guns (SMGs), melee, grenades, heavy machineguns, pistols, shotgun, assault rifles, mines, etc. Your characters can have various medium rounded weapons, one well rounded weapon, or many lightly rounded weapons and perks (specializations) like +7 health points, +1% damage resistance, +1 health regeneration, etc. If you have enough weapon (skill) points you can use new weapons (some require 10, others 20, and so on until 120 points required). After level 3 you can go to different maps, the first map is limited to players below level 4 ( By the way, it's the smallest and you can play 1v1 only). In this game you can fight battles from 1vs1 to 5vs5 and 5vs1, etc. You can also interact with other players such as talking, private messaging, trading weapons, forming clans, etc.

Squad tactics[edit]

Battles happen through the use of "Squad Tactics" as each player uses their 3 units to gain an advantage over their opponent. This type of gameplay follows closely along the lines of other offline PC games such as Fallout Tactics, the Jagged Alliance series, and Arcanum. It requires the gamer to command multiple units (3 for Gunrox), each of them with their own abilities or "perks". Gunrox allows each squad member a certain amount of action points to be spent each turn, within a certain time period between 40 seconds, to 2 minutes. With these points, you are able to shoot guns, move across the landscape or behind barriers for better positioning, plant mines, throw grenades, use med packs, and take other actions.

Gunx, units, and med pack example forGunrox.
Two Gunrox opponents in combat.


Perks are specializations that each unit is able to train in as you win games and advance through the different Gunrox locations. There are many things to choose from, each with advantages and some with disadvantages. The perks you can choose from, cover a wide range of things, from extra health or damage resistance, to specific gun specializations. You could choose to specialize in "Shotguns" only, which would allow you to eventually use better and better types of shot guns (first a double barrel shotgun, then a Benelli, eventually a Neostead, and so on). However, if all your units are shot-gunners, you will most likely have a hard time against those who have units with sniper rifles. There's trade-offs to each "spec".

Turn-Based Strategy[edit]

This game style requires each player to take turns in succession rather than all actions happening in real time. Gunrox ties this play style to a time limit per turn, which is set before the game begins. The most common time limit is 1:20 per turn. Someone starts, makes their moves within their time allotment, and then ends their turn. Their units now remain "locked in place" while their opponent make his moves.


Numerous weapons are available to squads and found on the battlefield. Everything from knives and baseball bats to Submachine guns (SMGs), Sniper Rifles, and Grenade Launchers can be found in the boxes among cenarios, however, they have a specifical attrition (when reach zero the weapon breaks apart and will be auto-replaced with the one on the second hand) . Full attrition weapons are only available to cashers.

Other Aspects[edit]

The Gunrox community has become quite diverse. Currently the strongest contingent would be from Brazil, which makes up 38.7% of all subscribers. Other players hail from Turkey, USA, Canada, China, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Poland, Italy, United Kingdom, and many other locations world wide.

A chat room is provided for each "location" on the Gunrox World Map. This allows people to converse and discuss things before, during, and after each game that is played. This is standard with many games of this nature but is not always done in a way that makes it easy. Gunrox chat system is simple and it often happens to cause abusive words by players, however, due to several changes in the in-game engine there are several bots preventing spam in chat channel.

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