Guns and Roses (2012 film)

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Guns and Roses
Guns and Roses 2012 poster.jpg
Directed by Ning Hao
Release dates
  • 24 April 2012 (2012-04-24)
Country China
Language Mandarin
Box office ¥153 million (US$24.06 million)

Guns and Roses (Chinese: 黄金大劫案) is a 2012 Chinese film directed by Ning Hao.[1][2][3]


The film is set in 1930s Manchuria in the city of Changchun. A thief goes into a cathedral and robs the priest. He lies saying that he is taking the money for the underground revolution. As he is running away, the police capture him. Meanwhile, two rebels meet at a cinema but a genius Japanese general captures them, killing one. The thief is given leniency and spends only two days in jail. Sharing a cell with him is the other rebel, who gives him his clothes as a gift.

The thief returns to his destitute home where he lives with his old and ailing father, a veteran of the Boxer Rebellion. He has difficulty paying the rent. He cuts open the shoe and finds a hidden message, and learns that a shipment of gold for the central bank is going to happen. The rebels kidnap him and bring him to their base, which is a film studio, since the rebel group is composed of people in the film industry. The thief is promised a share of the gold and relays the message. As they're going home, they chased by Japanese soldiers coming out of a bar, but with the help of the thief, who hides them in the earlier cathedral, they evade the soldiers. This gains him the rebels' respect.

To find out the convoy route, one rebel, a well known actress, uses her fame to attend a party at the central bank president's house. She goes to the president's study and tries to steal the map, but her plan is ruined after the thief accidentally creates a scene. Now shunned by the revolutionaries, the thief tries to beg for money. By luck, he runs into the daughter of the bank president. He saves her from an air raid while getting injured himself. In gratitude, the girl takes him into the bank president's home and nurses him, where he is able to get to the document and secretly make a copy. The thief gets reaccepted by the rebels. Proceeding with the operation, they buy weapons from bandits and capture the convoy.

The thief goes home with his own share of the gold, but gets reported by his landlord when he uses a gold bar to pay his rent. He flees, but the general decides to seize and execute his father instead. The thief is forced to surrender himself to stop the execution. The general then takes both of them to the film studio and his soldiers capture the rebels successfully. Then he tries to execute the thief anyways, but at that moment, the senile father finds the fighting skills from his youth awakened and overpowers the soldiers, buying everyone enough time to escape, whereupon they take refuge in the cathedral again. The father dies, however, because of a bullet wound.

The rebels and the thief attend another party to murder the general and an Italian minister. The shootout fails and all the revolutionaries are killed. The thief gets arrested. The police captain decides to execute him informally by shooting him and throwing him into a river, but he ends up surviving, rescued by the girl and the priest, and wakes up, finding himself in the cathedral yet again. He feels immense guilt over the rebels' deaths and refuses an offer by the girl to flee the city and marry her, since she has fallen in love with him. He does another operation: charging into the bank in a truck while shooting a sub machine gun, and pouring a container of king's water into the vault to make the gold dissolve. The bandits from earlier help him, inspired by his suicidal courage. However, the general kills the girl before getting killed himself, intending to hurt the thief, since he believes by mistake that they love each other mutually.

Heavily changed by all of these events, the thief goes on to give up crime and grieves over the innocent girl's death.


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