Guo Boxiong

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Guo Boxiong
Guo Boxiong.jpg
General Guo Boxiong
Born July 1942
Liquan, Shaanxi, China
Allegiance  People's Republic of China
Service/branch People's Liberation Army Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg People's Liberation Army
Rank PLAGeneral r.svg.png General
Commands held 55th Division, 19th Army, 47th Army Group
Beijing Military Region, Lanzhou Military Region, Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Guo.
Guo Boxiong
Simplified Chinese 郭伯雄

Guo Boxiong (born July 1942)[1] is a retired Chinese military officer who served as the Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission between 2002 and 2012.[2] During the same time period he held a seat in the Politburo of the Communist Party of China.[3]

As one of the two Vice Chairmen of the Central Military Commission, he was one of the highest-ranking military officers of PLA.


Guo was born in Liquan, Shaanxi province. Guo joined the People's Liberation Army in 1961, and in 1963 joined the Communist Party of China. Guo was trained at China's National Defense University and the Xian Army Academy in People's Liberation Army Military Academy where he graduated. He currently holds the rank of General.[4] In the 55th Division of the 19th Army, Guo rose from a soldier to chief of staff of the 55th Division by 1982.[3] By 1983 Guo was chief of staff of the 19th Army until 1985, when he became deputy chief of staff of the Lanzhou Military Region. Afterwards Guo became commander of the 47th Army Group for three years. In 1993 Guo became deputy commander of the Beijing Military Region and in 1997 commander of the Lanzhou Military Region. He retired in October 2012.

Personal life[edit]

Guo has a son, Guo Zhenggang, a general in the People's Liberation Army of China.[5]


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