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Gur or GUR can refer to:


  • Mordechai Gur (1930-95), Israeli politician and the 10th Chief of Staff of the Israeli Defense Forces



  • Gur languages, a group of West African languages
  • Gur, another term for jaggery, a sugar product of Bangladesh, India, Pakistan
  • GUR, "ground under repair", a term in golf
  • Gur or Ger (Hasidic dynasty), from Góra Kalwaria
  • Gur, a Hammurabic unit of measure for grain
  • Gur or Persian onager, 'Equus hemionus kulan, a subspecies of Asiatic wild ass (donkey); related genetically and etymologically to the khur or Indian wild ass subspecies
  • Gur is the most common word in English text that has been encrypted with the ROT13 cipher (since it corresponds to the word the). Its presence in encrypted text suggests that that cipher may have been used.