Gurcharan Singh Bhikhi (Sidki)

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Gurcharan Singh Bhikhi

Sardar Gurcharan Singh Ji Bhikhi (born 1935) was a Punjabi poet, born in Bhikhi in the Sheikhupura District, which is now in Pakistan. His father Gyani Labh Singh Bhikhi was a freedom fighter and preacher of Sikhism (Pracharak). After the partition of 1947 he came and settled in Ludhiana, Punjab (India) with his father and mother Kesar Kaur. He worked as an officer at Octroi Post, Ludhiana. He wrote three books based on Sikhism, Hinduism, Punjabi Culture & Patriotism namely Ankhaan De Raakhe, Pavitar Roohan, Sach De Vanjaare and Tiraan di Shaavan which is a compilation of the first three books.

He was married to Santokh Kaur and had six children: Manjit Sngh Bhikhi, Ranjit Singh Bhikhi, Ravinderjit Kaur, Harsharan Kaur, Harmeet Singh Bhikhi and Jagjeet Kaur.

He died on 18 July 1988 in an accident[clarification needed] on the way to Octroi Post, Ludhiana, where he worked as an assistant inspector. Upon his death, Municipal Corporation Ludhiana declared a holiday. Numerous poets, singers, and leaders attended his cremation ceremony.[citation needed]

'Sach De Vanjaare' poetry book by Gurcharan Singh Bhikhi (Sidki)
'Ankhaan De Rakhe' poetry book by Gurcharan Singh Bhikhi (Sidki)
'Tiraan Di Shaavan' poetry book by Gurcharan Singh Bhikhi (Sidki)
'Pavitar Roohan' poetry book by Gurcharan Singh Bhikhi (Sidki)