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Jump to: navigation, search is an abandoned Indian Internet search engine that was focused on providing better search results to Indian consumers, by leveraging proprietary algorithms and data in the Indian context.[1]
General Partnership
Founded Bangalore, India (October 16, 2006)
Headquarters Bangalore, India
Key people
Anurag Dod, CEO/Co-Founder
Gaurav Mishra, COO/Co-Founder
Slogan the indian search engine

The Concept[edit] was founded by Anurag Dod and Gaurav Mishra, two Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi graduates in 2006 with the intent of being a "desi" search engine.[1][2]

Search products[edit]

In addition to its tool for searching webpages, Guruji Search also provided services for searching images, services within a specific city, music, cricket, movie timing, and finance (world markets and such). These were linked from the main search page.

Origin of name[edit]

Guruji is the Devanagari word for teacher. It is derived from the Sanskrit word for teacher, Guru. The search engine aims at giving its "students"(its users) what they require. gives pages from India as search results, thus proving to be a search engine By Indians, for Indians. was launched to the world on October 16, 2006.


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