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Gus van Go is a Canadian musician and record-producer best known for his work with the Montreal band The Stills, having credits for production, mixing, writing and arranging 3 albums and one EP with the band. He has also produced and/or mixed material for Whitehorse (band), Hollerado, Said The Whale, Monster Truck, The Trews, Priestess, Rah Rah, Australian indie-pop group The Grates, and many more.

Both in 2013 and 2010, he and co-producer Werner F were nominated for Producer of The Year at Quebec’s ADISQ awards for their work with the band Les Trois Accords.

The song "I Love You" off Said The Whale's 2013 release "Hawaiii" went to #1 on Canada's Alternative radio Charts, and #32 in the US. Oceans Will Rise, the third release from Montreal band The Stills, was awarded a Juno Award for 'Alternative Album of the Year' during the 2009 Juno Awards Gala on March 28, 2009. In 2008, Vulgaires Machins’ Compter Les Corps (another Gus van Go & Werner F production) was nominated for a JUNO Award for “Best French-Language Album”.

Early career[edit]

Gus van Go is the stage name of Gustavo Coriandoli (born October 5, 1969 in Mar Del Plata, Argentina). Van Go began his musical career as singer, guitarist and songwriter for the seminal Montreal indie-band Me Mom & Morgentaler. The band established a loyal cult following in the early 90s, and were known for their extravagant and theatrical live shows. Most notably, in 1999, over 10,000 attended the band's farewell show in Quebec City.

In 1996, he moved to New York City, where he met musician and producer Werner F, who had previously worked with Paul Westerberg, Bob Mould, Hall & Oates, Cactus, and many others. The two men decided to work together as a production team, and built The Boiler Room Studio in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. After the success of The Stills’ 2003 debut album Logic Will Break Your Heart, they have gone on to co-produce many albums, helping to create a strong link between the music scenes of New York, Toronto and Montreal.

In 2008, van Go co-founded the record label Royal Mountain Records with artist-manager Adam ‘Bix’ Berger (Marathon Management, Arts & Crafts). In 2009, Royal Mountain Records released Hollerado’s debut Record In A Bag. In 2012, Royal Mountain became part of the Universal Label Group, and released Hollerado's follow up album "White Paint". The single Pick Me Up reached #3 on Canada's Modern Rock radio charts.


Recordings produced (P) and/or mixed (M) by Gus van Go include:

2015: Rah Rah {Album in Production} (Hidden Pony) (P/M)
2015: Whitehorse (band) "No Bridge Left Unburned" (Six Shooter Records) (P/M)
2015: Sun K "Northern Lies" (Maple Music Recordings) (M)
2015: Terra Lightfoot "Never Will (Single) (Sonic Unyon) (P)
2015: Hollerado “Firefly (Single)” (Royal Mountain/Universal) (P/M)
2015: The Elwins "Play For Keeps" (Hidden Pony) (M)
2014: The Glorious Sons "The Union" (Black Box/Universal) (M)
2014: The Lazys "The Lazys" (Pheremone) (P/M)
2014: Guillaume Beauregard "D'étoiles, de pluie et de cendre" (La Tribu) (P/M)
2014: Royal Tusk "Mountain EP" (Hidden Pony) (P/M)
2014: In Flight Safety "Conversationalist" (Night Danger) (M)
2013: Michael Rault "Living Daylights" (Pirates Blend Records) (M)
2013: Teenage Kicks "Spoils Of Youth" (Rezolute/Universal) (M)
2013: Jeremy Fisher "The Lemon Squeeze" (Hidden Pony) (P/M)
2013: Said The Whale "Hawaiii" (Hidden Pony) (M)
2013: Wildlife (band) "On The Heart" (Wax/Universal) (P)
2013: Xavier Caféïne “New Love” (Indica) (P/M)
2013: Hollerado “White Paint” (Royal Mountain/Universal) (P/M)
2012: Les Trois Accords “J'Aime Ta Grand-Mere” (La Tribu) (P/M)
2012: Rah Rah "The Poet's Dead" (Hidden Pony) (P/M)
2012: GrimSkunk “Set Fire” (Indica Records) (P/M)
2012: The Junction (band) “Grievances” (P/M)
2012: Amos The Transparent "Goodnight My Dear...I'm Falling Apart" (M)
2011: Kamakazi "Rien à Cacher" (Indica Records) (P/M)
2011: The Grates “Secret Rituals” (Vagrant/Dew Process) (P)
2010: Monster Truck “S/T" (Independent) (P/M)
2010: Neverending White Lights “Title TBA”(MIXED) (M)
2010: Ariel “Apres Le Crime” (Tacca) (P/M)
2010: Hollerado “Record In A Bag” (Royal Mountain) (P/M)
2009: Vulgaires Machins “Requiem Pour Les Sourds” (Indica Records) (P/M)
2009: Low Level Flight “Title TBA” (P/M)
2009: Les Trois AccordsDans Mon Corps” (Indica Records) (P/M)
2009: Chinatown “Cite D’art” (Tacca) (P/M)
2009: The Junction (band) “Another Link In The Chain” (P/M)
2008: The StillsOceans Will Rise” (Arts & Crafts) (P/M)
2007: The Shakes “Faces We Make When We Dance” (P/M)
2007: The TrewsNo Time For Later” (Bumstead/Universal) (P/M)
2006: Xavier Cafeine “Giselle” (M)
2006: Vulgaires Machins “Compter Les Corps” (Indica Records) (P/M)
2006: The StillsWithout Feathers”) (Vice Records) (P/M)
2005: PriestessHello Master” (P/M)
2003: The StillsLogic Will Break Your Heart” (Vice Records / Atlantic) (P/M)
2001: Smitty’s “Burnin’ & Shakin’” (P)
1999: The Undercovers “Some People” (P)
1997: The Kingpins “Watch Your Back” (P)
1995: The Kingpins “On the Run” (P)


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