Gusevskoye peat narrow gauge railway

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Gusevskoye peat railway
Ветка к полям торфоразработок.jpg
Type Narrow gauge railway
Locale Vladimir Oblast, Russia
Termini Gusevskiy
Opening 1920
Operator(s) Bioenergy (Vladimir-Peat)
Line length 25 kilometres (16 mi)
Track gauge 750 mm (2 ft 5 12 in)
Route map
Gusevskoye peat narrow gauge railway 2014.png

Coordinates: 55°28′56″N 40°24′36″E / 55.48234°N 40.40992°E / 55.48234; 40.40992 The Gusevskoye peat railway is located in Vladimir Oblast, Russia. The peat railway was opened in 1920, and has a total length of which 25 kilometres (16 mi) is currently operational, the track gauge is 750 mm (2 ft 5 12 in).


TU6D - № 0023

Gusevskoye peat railway emerged in the 1920s, in the area Gus-Khrustalny District, in a settlement named Gus-Khrustalny in 1931 became a town. The railway had a maximum length of about 100 kilometres (62 mi) at their peak.[1] Gusevskoye railway was built for hauling peat and workers and operates year-round with several pairs of trains a day. At present only 25 kilometres (16 mi) of the railway is operational, current operations include passenger traffic (workers-tourists) and freight traffic, transportation of peat. A peat briquette factory was built and put into operation in 2010 in a settlement named Gusevskiy.[2] A peat briquette factory was built and put into operation in 2011 in a settlement named Mezinovskiy.[3] About 2011 half of the railroad was dismantled. Formed two separate railway network.

Current status[edit]

There was two separated railways, operated by different companies.

  • Guseevskiy - westbound.
  • Mezinovskiy - northbound.

Transportation of peat briquette plants is going.

Rolling stock[edit]


Locomotive Depot - Mezinovskoye:

Engine Shed - Gusevskoye:

Railroad car[edit]

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