Gustav Adolf Stave Church

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Gustav Adolf stave church
Basic information
Location Hahnenklee, Goslar
Affiliation Lutheran
Province Evangelical Lutheran State Church of Hanover
District Hildesheim
Architectural description
Architect(s) Karl Mohrmann
Architectural style Historicism
Completed 1908
Capacity 350
Materials spruce wood

The Protestant Gustav Adolf Stave Church (German Gustav-Adolf-Stabkirche) is a stave church situated in Hahnenklee, in the Harz region, Germany.

The church is a free copy of Borgund stave church in Norway, with adaptions to fulfil its role as the Hahnenklee parish church. The construction began in 1907, and the church opened its doors for use on June 28, 1908.

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Coordinates: 51°51′25″N 10°20′24″E / 51.85694°N 10.34000°E / 51.85694; 10.34000