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Gustav Adolph Ackermann (Auerbach in Vogtland, Saxony, 16 January 1791 – Dresden, Saxony, February 19, 1872) was a German lawyer.

Ackermann was "Königlich Sachsischer Appelationsrat" (Royal Saxon appeal councillor) at the courthouse in Dresden and a great connoisseur of the 19th century and medieval German and European knightly orders.

In 1855 appeared, in Annaberg, his "Ordensbuch" (Orders book) with the subtitle " Sämtlicher in Europa blühender und erloschener Orden und Ehrenzeichen " (Gathering of flourishing and extinct orders and honorific decorations in Europe). Otherwise than the title suggests, the book is not complete in the description of Orders and decorations, but it is a valuable resource for researchers.

The lawyer also published in his field. In 1849 appeared his "Rechtssätze aus Erkenntnissen of Königl. Oberappelationsgerichts Dresden" (Law sets about findings of royal high appeal court in Dresden), a work on the then applicable jurisprudence in Saxony.

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  • Google Book, Ackermann, "Ordensbuch, Sämtlicher in Europa blühender und erloschener Orden und Ehrenzeichen", Annaberg, 1855.