Gustave Trouvé

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Gustave Trouvé
Gustave Trouvé
Born 2 January 1839
La Haye Descartes, France
Died 1902
Paris, France
Nationality French
Fields Physics, Engineering, Electrical engineering
Alma mater Ecole des Arts et Métiers
Known for Outboard motor, electric powered automobile

Gustave Trouvé (1839–1902) was a French electrical engineer and inventor in the 19th century.

Personal life[edit]


Born to a modest family, Gustave Trouvé studied at the Collège de Chinon before joining the Ecole des Arts et Métiers in Angers.[1]


In Paris, he worked as a clockmaker before creating a company in 1865 that designed electric machines and his innovations. His work was popularized by the magazine La Nature.[2]


Outboard motorboat of Gustave Trouvé

During his career, Gustave Trouvé worked on several communication systems :

... and vehicles :

In November 1881 M. Trouvé demonstrated a working three-wheeled electric automobile at the International Exhibition of Electricity in Paris.[9]


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