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Guy Burt (born 1972) is an English author and screenwriter.

Early life[edit]

Burt wrote his first novel when he was just 18. He read English literature at Oxford University and eventually became a teacher, although he left after five years so he could pursue full-time writing.


Burt is best known for his 1993 debut novel, After the Hole, a psychological horror story about a group of private school students trapped in an underground bunker, seemingly locked in by a deranged, sociopathic classmate. He won the Betty Trask Award in 1994 for this work, which was adapted into the 2001 film, The Hole, starring Thora Birch and Daniel Brocklebank. He has since published two more novels, Sophie (1994) and The Dandelion Clock (1999).

Burt has also written for television, including episodes of Kingdom, Diamond Geezer, Afterlife, Wire in the Blood, Ghostboat, Murder in Mind, The Bletchley Circle and The Borgias.

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