Guy Cribb

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Guy Cribb
Personal information
Nickname(s) K-9 / Cribby
Nationality English
Height 180cm
Weight 82kg
Country UK
Sport Windsurfing

Guy Cribb (born 1970) is a windsurfer and windsurfing trainer.


  • 13 x UK Champion Titles[1][2]


Guy is a former British racing coach[1] and creator of the INtuition brand of technique coaching.[1] His INtuition technique of instruction is very well regarded[3][unreliable source?] and he has been a technique and travel writer with regular features in the windsurfing press since 1990. In 2010 he authored and produced the INtuition Gybing and Core Skills DVD.[4] Guy has also been involved as a R&D team member for leading industry brands between 1992–1999.[1]


In October 2008 Guy and Antoine Albeau successfully completed a cross channel windsurf from Cherbourg, France to Sandbanks, Poole. A crossing of 75 nautical miles (138 kilometres) taking just over 6 hours.[5][6]



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