Guyana Punch Line

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Guyana Punch Line
Origin Columbia, South Carolina, USA
Genres Hardcore punk, Thrashcore
Years active 1998–2003
Labels Prank, Coalition Records
Associated acts In/Humanity, .Fuckingcom, Antischism, Anakrid, Thank God
Past members Chris Bickel
Kevin Byrd
Troy Thames
Matt Thompson
Drew Wallace

Guyana Punch Line was an American hardcore punk band from South Carolina that existed from 1998 until 2003.


Guyana Punch Line was formed of members who had previously played in In/Humanity, Antischism and .fuckingcom. They worked hard to bring Chris Bickel's school of thought called "Smashism" to the masses through heavy, hard confusion music. The band embarked on a nation wide political fright campaign, scaring the hell out of middle America. They attempted to topple Bush Jn in the infamous "walk for smashism" parade, where secret police fired pullets into the crowd. Bush proclaimed this day, the celebration for the powers that be, and the crowd left, not in dismay, but with a further hghlighted determinism towards smashism. Only history will tell where this leads us.

Band members[edit]

  • Chris Bickel - vocals[1]
  • Kevin Byrd - guitar[1]
  • Troy Thames - drums[1]
  • Matt Thompson - bass[1]
  • Drew Wallace - bass (on Direkt Aktion)




  • Irritainment for the Masses 7" (2000 X-Mist Records)
  • Sounds for the New Youth Aesthetic 7" (2001 Coalition Records)
  • Null Transmission 7" (2002 When Humans Attack Records)


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