Gwadar District

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ضِلع گوادر
Gwadar District
Country Pakistan
Province Balochistan
Established 1 July 1977
Headquarters Gwadar
 • District Nazim Baboo Gulab
 • District Naib Nazim Abdul Ghaffar Hoth
 • Total 15,216 km2 (5,875 sq mi)
Population (1998)
 • Total 178,989
 • Density 16.4/km2 (42/sq mi)
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Number of Tehsils 3

Gwadar District (Balochi: ضِلع گوادر), is a District of Pakistan, and coastal region on the Arabian Sea, in Balochistan Province of southwestern Pakistan. The City of Gwadar is the district headquarters of Gwadar District.


Gwadar District is subdivided into five Tehsils or sub—districts:

Geography and natural history[edit]

Gwadar District has a 600 kilometres (370 mi) long coastline along the Gulf of Oman of the Arabian Sea. It consists mostly of lands and hills with sparse desert habitats. The exception are the riparian habitats along the Dasht River. It flows south through the district, from northern headwaters in Mirani Dam of the Kech District, to its river mouth at the Arabian Sea.


According to the 1998 census, the population of Gwadar District was 278,989 people.[1] It is 12,637 km² in area, with a population density of 15 people/km².


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