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Hangul 귀신
Hanja 鬼神
Revised Romanization Gwisin
McCune–Reischauer Kwisin

Gwisin (Korean: 귀신) are Korean ghosts who are similar to a Yogoe (Korean: 요괴); they are people who have died, not monsters or creatures such as Dokkaebi.[1] They can be found in many places, but most commonly in abandoned buildings, houses, cemeteries, forests, etc. When a person dies without completing something that they must do (e.g. revenge or staying longer with their family), their spirit remains on earth to complete the task before going on to the underworld.[1] However, very strong Gwisin do not go to the underground world if they want to remain on earth, and over time these gain strength.


There are a lot of legends about Gwisin. Because they are a common form of ghost, children often make them up to scare others or parents tell stories to their children to teach them a lesson. Most legends are about revenge,[1] revenge for their families or about men who cheated on their wives, or murdered the victim.

Appearances of Gwisin occur in high schools, because schools in Korea can have eerie atmospheres and look very abandoned at night time. Students also often have to stay very late into the night to study, so their eyes play tricks on them and they think they have seen a ghost.[citation needed] They often have long, narrow, echoing corridors that are very dark at night. All the corridors are similar and there are many floors, which makes it scarier. The doors are wooden slide doors and in classrooms there are separate desks that are in line with other desks. In ghost stories, schools are the perfect place for ghosts to appear.[citation needed]

Physical Characteristics[edit]

Gwisin are usually transparent, legless and float in mid-air.[1] Old Gwisin usually have white Hanbok (한복) which are worn for funerals.[1] They have long, drooping black hair and sometimes they are faceless, depending on their personality. Male Gwisin are somewhat rare, but they're like female ghosts, except female Gwisin are more often heard.


There are many, many ways they can appear.

Gwisin can appear as her/his true self.

  1. They're seen floating, legless
  2. Standing still, usually facing the person who is witnessing the Gwisin.
  3. Photographs or films, however 'Sponge' (a Korean show that presents true trivia facts) has proven that you can make a photograph by your own reflection.
  4. Dreams
  5. Reflections
  6. Other creepy appearances shown in movies, television and comics

Gwisin can also appear to move things or prank you to get attention.

  1. Objects falling down, clattering, moving
  2. Physical contact with someone (e.g. pulling your shirt)
  3. Objects missing
  4. TV volume up or down
  5. Something has changed, even though you haven't changed anything
  6. They'll do anything to get attention, even if they have to flood your entire house with tap water.

When a Gwisin approaches, the atmosphere changes most of the time.

  1. Eerie[1]
  2. Wind, breeze[1]
  3. Suddenly cold[1]
  4. You feel something that is touching you (e.g. a cloth gently touching your skin, hair feels like it's being played around with)

Personality and Attitude[edit]

Gwisin have their own reasons to be on earth, usually that they have unfinished business. Depending on their personality and attitude, their strength and maliciousness can vary. For example, a very calm person who's always nice may not harm or bother other people. She/he will stick to her/his reason. A very aggressive ghost can harm people, even by accident. To become a Gwisin, they must have a very strong urge to stay, or they will have to go to the underground world. Here are some common reasons Gwisin stay on earth.

  1. Wanting to stay longer
  2. Wanting to stay longer with someone (e.g. family, friend, even other Gwisin)
  3. Revenge for someone
  4. Revenge for her/himself
  5. Rampaging or causing trouble
  6. Unsuccessful birth
  7. Guilt
  8. To prank or trick people
  9. Other jobs to finish
  10. Other reasons

Though they're ghosts, that does not mean their personality and attitude change. If they do not get a person's attention, they can become impatient. For example, they might want attention to send a message to a mortal human being, but if they do not understand or notice, Gwisin may become a little aggressive.

Malicious Gwisin who trick or kill people are extremely dangerous, yet no one has sighted one yet. However, people spread rumors about abandoned places, mountains and forests. Schools are another place that ghosts can come out, but it is rare. However, students who committed suicide or were killed do appear, often looking for justice or a chance to graduate.


Gwisin, just like any other ghosts, become stronger as time passes. They learn to touch things and grab them. Because they're spirits who have no physical human body, their spirit body is transparent and goes through things. After time they learn how to touch and control things.


Very old, ancient villages and towns very often have Gwisin. There is at least one sighting of a Gwisin in every place in Korea, since they are common. However, they may be rumors by people. There are sightings that are accidents, for example a girl with droopy hair might look like a Gwisin at first glance.


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