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Gwyneth Vaughan in "bardic" costume, 1904

Ann Harriet Hughes (1852 – 25 April 1910) was a Welsh language novelist, under the pen-name Gwyneth Vaughan.

She was born at Talsarnau in Merionethshire, the daughter of a miller, and had a basic school education. In 1876 she married John Hughes Jones, a doctor; they later dropped the "Jones". They lived in London and later in Treherbert. Left to bring up four children on her husband's death in 1902, she moved to Bangor, Gwynedd, and took up writing as a career.

She completed three novels, and a left a fourth unfinished work. She also edited Welsh versions of three of the works of the Scottish evangelist Henry Drummond and wrote verse in Welsh.


  • O Gorlannau'r Defaid (1905)
  • Plant y Gorthrwm (1908)
  • Cysgodau y Blynyddoedd Gynt (1908)
  • Troad y Rhod (unfinished; partly published in the periodical Y Brython, 1909).