Gyeongin Expressway

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Korean expressway route marker

Expressway No.120
Gyeongin Expressway
Route information
Length: 24 km (15 mi)
Existed: 1968 – present
Major junctions
east end: Yangcheon-gu, Seoul
west end: Nam-gu, Incheon
Highway system
National highways of South Korea
Expressways in South Korea
Gyeongin Expressway
Revised Romanization Gyeongin Gosok Doro
McCune–Reischauer Kyŏngin Kosok Toro

The Gyeongin Expressway, officially Expressway No. 120, is a tolled controlled-access highway connecting the Yangcheon District of Seoul to the Nam District of Incheon. It is the oldest expressway in South Korea.

Construction began March 24, 1967. The initial segment between Gajwa in the Seo District of Incheon and Yangpyeong-dong in the Yeongdeungpo District of Seoul opened on December 21, 1968. In 1985, the easternmost segment between Yangpyeong and the Shinwol Interchange was transferred to Seoul, making Shinwol in the Yancheong District the new terminus.

It was assigned route number 2 in 1983. In 2001, South Korea re-rationalized its expressway numbering system, and it was redesignated route 120.


  • 24 March 1967: Construction Begin
  • 21 December 1968: Yangpyeongdong~Gajwa segment open to traffic.
  • 21 July 1969: Gajwa~Incheon Port segment open to traffic.
  • 12 November 1985: Korea National Expressway Corporation passes control of the northernmost 5 km stretch of expressway (between Sinwol and Yangpyeong-dong) to the City of Seoul.



  • Incheon Start~W.Incheon IC: 6
  • W.Incheon~Seoul End: 8


  • 24 km

Limited Speed[edit]

  • 100 km/h

List of Facilities[edit]

  • IC: Interchange, JC: Junction, SA: Service Area, TG:Tollgate
No. Name Korean Name Hanja Name Connections Notes Location
Incheon Begin 인천 시점 仁川 始點 National Route 77,
Provincial Route 84,
Provincial Route 98
Expressway Start Nam-gu,
1 Dohwa IC 도화나들목 道禾나들목 National Route 42 Seoul-bound Only
2 Gajwa IC 가좌나들목 佳佐나들목 National Route 6,
National Route 77,
Provincial Route 84,
Provincial Route 98
Seoul-bound Only Seo-gu,
3 W. Incheon IC 서인천나들목 西仁川나들목 National Route 6,
National Route 77,
Provincial Route 84,
Provincial Route 86,
Provincial Route 98
4 Bupyeong IC 부평나들목 富平나들목 National Route 6,
National Route 77
TG Incheon TG 인천요금소 仁川料金所
5 Seoun JC 서운분기점 瑞雲分岐點 Seoul Ring Expressway
(Expressway Route 100)
6 Buchen IC 부천나들목 富川나들목 National Route 6,
National Route 39,
National Route 77
7 Sinwol IC 신월나들목 新月나들목 Nambu Sunhwan-ro
(Seoul city expressway route 92)
Seoul End 서울 종점 서울 終點 Gukhoe-daero
(Seoul city expressway)
Expressway End

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