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Gyi is an honorific widely used daily in Myanmar (Burma) and in India. It has also been adopted in English and westerners can understand as well as use Sayagyi to refer to a Great Honorable Vipassana Chief Master.

In English use 'Sayagyi' at the front of the title before the original name, as in Professor or Dr. or Captain. The term Gyi is used for higher degree persons or elders or honored persons or for a monk or teacher. If used for an uncle use it as 'U Gyi', if for an aunt, use it as 'Daw Gyi'. But in Myanmar 'Gyi' is used for most of the elder relatives even including brother and sister.

Gyi is also used by subordinates or younger persons to call to a boss or an older person respectively.

In India Gurugyi is also used as a title before the name.

Guru means genius and very outstanding person, for example one can also recognize Albert Einstein as a Guru as well.