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Gypsy may refer to:

Ethnic groups[edit]

  • Romani people, a traditionally nomadic ethnic group of South Asian origin
  • Sri Lankan Romani people, an ethnic group from Sri Lanka of South Asian origin
  • Banjara, a class of nomadic people in South Asia
  • Dom people, an ethnic group, mostly of South Asian origin
    • Domba, an ethnic group in India
    • Lyuli, an ethnic group in Central Asia
    • Lom people, an ethnic group in Turkey and Armenia
  • Travellers and other traditionally itinerant groups in Europe, mostly of European ethnic origin
    • Pavee, a traditionally itinerant group, mostly of Irish/British origin
    • Indigenous Norwegian Travellers, a traditionally itinerant group, mostly of Norwegian origin
    • Scottish Travellers, a number of diverse, unrelated communities in Scotland, mostly of Scottish/British origin
    • Yeniche people, a traditionally nomadic group in Western and Central Europe, mostly of Swiss/German/French origin
  • Sea Gypsies, several Southeast Asian nomadic groups living on houseboats


Stage and screen[edit]





  • Gypsy (calypsonian) (born 1953) also known as Winston Edward Peters, Trinidad and Tobago politician and calypsonian
  • Gypsy Abbott (1896–1952), American silent film actress
  • Gypsy Boots (1914–2004), American fitness pioneer
  • Gypsy Rose Lee (1911–1970), American actress and entertainer
  • Gypsy Joe (born 1933), a Puerto Rican professional wrestler
  • Radoslav Banga also known as Gipsy, lead singer of
  • Kishansinh Chavda (1904–1979), Gujarati author who wrote under the pseudonym "Gypsy"


Other uses[edit]

  • Gypsy (software), a word processing program
  • Gypsy (database), a database of Mobile Genetic Elements
  • Gypsy Nash, a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Home and Away, played by Kimberley Cooper
  • Gypsy logger or "Gyppo logger", slang term for small, non-union, logging operations

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