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Gyula Aggházy (1850, Dombóvár - 1919, Budapest) was a Hungarian painter and teacher.

Between 1869 and 1871 he attended the Vienna Academy and from 1871 onwards the Munich Academy. In 1874 he returned to Hungary and after a short stay in Szolnok, he travelled to Paris where he was a pupil of Munkácsy. He painted genre pictures in the style of the Munich naturalism.

From 1876 onwards he lived in Szolnok and Budapest, and was a teacher of the School of Decorative Arts.

His works Chatting (1880) and Leave Me Alone (1886), were genre pictures which he specialized in with naturalist style establishing him as a renowned artist throughout Hungary. Many of his works are now on display at the Hungarian National Gallery.

He died in 1919.

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