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This article is about the magazine. For the British TV series, see Health and Efficiency (TV series). For the EP by This Heat, see Health and Efficiency (EP).
H&E naturist
April 2014 Cover
Editor Sam Hawcroft
Categories lifestyle
Frequency monthly
Publisher Hawk Editorial Ltd
First issue 1900
Country  United Kingdom
Language English
Website http://www.henaturist.net
ISSN 0017-8888

H&E naturist (originally Health and Efficiency) is an 92-page monthly commercial magazine focusing on the naturist and nudist lifestyle, through articles on travel, health and culture, as well as various features on arts and books with a naked theme.[1] This content and focus has sometimes caused it to be accused of appealing to consumers of pornography, although sexual nudity is absent from its pages.


Health & Efficiency was first published in 1900. Back then the magazine covered health topics such as diet, exercise, herbalism and general advice on living a healthy and efficient life.

In the 1920s when nudists began publicising their activities and sun clubs began to form, Health & Efficiency became an early champion of their cause through publishing their letters, articles and photos. Later, this material occupied a greater proportion of the magazine, particularly as it absorbed other naturist and health periodicals, including Health and Vim and Sunbathing and Health Magazine.

After the Second World War, nudism experienced a massive expansion and the monthly "H&E" - as it became known - was in pole position in promoting the nudist lifestyle. Throughout the 1950s and into the 1960s H&E's reputation as the "nudist bible" grew. H&E's audience was made up of nudists who were members of British clubs and those who used British beaches. A small minority who were lucky enough to be able to afford holidays abroad, and sampled the delights of French and Yugoslavian nudist facilities, provided H&E with the first "naturists abroad" travel reports.

This was a hint of things to come, for, by the 1970s, cheaper foreign travel allowed many more British naturists to visit the south of France, Spain, Greece and Yugoslavia. H&E reflected this change and soon became an international naturist magazine providing news, travel reports, features and photography from around the naturist world.

The magazine has had a number of publishers and editors, and has been based in London, Epsom, Goole and Hull.[2]


The editor was anonymous before George Greenwood

  • George Greenwood (late 1950s - early 1960s)
  • Leslie Bainbridge (early 1960s - 1970s)
  • Murray Wren (1970s-1980)
  • Susan Mayfield (1980-1983)
  • Kate Sturdy (1983-1996)
  • Helen Ludbrook (1996-1999)
  • Mark Nisbet (1999-2004)
  • Sara Backhouse (2004–2008)
  • Sam Hawcroft (2008–present)

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