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Hästens Beds AB
Privately held company
Industry Furnitures / Luxury goods
Genre Family Business
Founded 1852 (1852)
Founder Pehr Adolf Janson
Headquarters Köping, Sweden
Area served
Global locations
Key people
Jan Ryde (Executive Chairman & Owner), Robert Carlén (CEO).[1]
Products High-end Mattress/beds, bedding, accessories
Slogan Crafting Sleep Since 1852 The bed of your dreams
Website http://www.hastens.com/

Hästens Sängar AB, Hästens Beds AB or simply Hästens (Swedish pronunciation: [hɛstens]); is a Swedish manufacturer established in 1852, today specializing in beds, bedlinen, pillows and lifestyle accessories.[1][not in citation given]

Hästens manufacture their beds and mattresses by hand using natural materials like cotton, horse hair, wool and flax. Hästens retail stores also sell branded premium bedlinen, pillows, duvets and accessories. The company was originally founded by Pehr Adolf Janson in 1852 as a master saddler business and is still a family-owned company.[2] David Janson shifted their focus in the early 1900s from making saddles to making beds. By 1952, a century after its foundation, they had become the official bedding supplier of Sweden’s royal court.[1][not in citation given] The company continues to manufacture all beds in its factory in Sweden.[3]


Pehr Adolf Janson, founder of Hästens.

Pehr Adolf Janson (1830-1885), was awarded his master certificate in 1852 by King Oscar I of Sweden.[citation needed] Master saddlers were also makers of mattresses, since horsetail hair was an essential material for the pads that went into the carriage.[4] At that time, becoming master saddler in Sweden required the certificate to be issued by the King himself.[citation needed]

In the late 1800s, the family moved to Hed and Pehr Adolf's son Per Thure Janson decided to follow his father's path in becoming a master saddler. Per Thure, started a company together with his son David Janson. The business of making beds took off and they were soon making more beds than saddles.[5]

David Janson (to the left) and master craftsmen photographed by David in front of the Hästens factory in Köping in the beginning of the 1900s

In 1939, British architect Ralph Erskine (1914–2005), travelled by bicycle to Sweden, where he later met David Janson who commissioned him to build the Hästens Factory, which would be one among the first buildings that he designed in Sweden.[6] It was designed by Erskine in 1948 and he also designed the further expansion of the factory in 1998, in Köping where the company is still located as of 2015.[7]

In 1978, Jack Ryde designed Hästens' blue check pattern that was presented for a furniture trade fair. The blue check pattern is a registered trademark for Hästens beds and is protected.[8][9]

Hästens today[edit]


In 2006, Hästens was awarded the Swedish Trade Council's annual export award. Jan Ryde accepted the award from King Carl XVI Gustaf. At the time the brand was marketed in 22 countries, the largest markets being Netherlands, Finland, and the US.[10]

Hästens currently operates multiple retail stores and approximately 200 Hästens Stores around the world in locations such as New York, London, Stockholm, Madrid and Brussels.[11][12][13]


1952 - Purveyor to the Swedish Royal Court[14]

2006 - Swedish Trade Council Export Award & Best International Growth Company by Ernst & Young[15][16]

2010 - Wallpaper* Design Award Best Bed[17][18]

2011 - Palme d'Or de la Literie de Prestige[19]

2013 - Signum Priset Sweden (Signum prize is a trademark prize awarded to the Nordic company that best manages and foster their brand)[20][21]

2015 - Hurun Report: The Best of the Best Awards 2015[22]

Legal cases[edit]

In 2000, a Swedish court ruled that Hästens was not allowed to advertise with phrases such as "The finest beds in the world" and "due to [our unique manufacturing process in Köping], we can offer 25 years warranty on springs and frames". The latter was, among other reasons, because the springs and frames were actually manufactured by a subcontractor.[23] Many companies have tried to copy the check patterns and Hästens has successfully undertaken legal procedures in several countries against infringements and counterfeits.[24] As of 2011, the phrase "At Hästens we set out to make the best beds in the world." is used.[25]


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