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Single by K.I.Z. feat. Bela B.
Released 06.06.2008
Genre Alternative hip hop
Horror rap
Length 4:00
Label Vertigo Be
K.I.Z. chronology
Bela B. chronology
"Gitarre runter"
"Altes Arschloch Liebe"

"Hölle" [Hell] is a song by K.I.Z. about club culture. An "underground" video was released in 2006, although no single was then released.

The 2008 version features German rock musician Bela B..

Video featuring Bela B.[edit]

K.I.Z. is performing in an underground-club-like place. Bela plays a weird, possibly ominous character and is wearing hippe-like clothes and a large wig. There are many different people in the building and the video ends with the pope entering to play ping-pong.

Track listing[edit]


  1. Hölle (feat. Bela B.) - 4:00
  2. Turntable Hools Special - 15:53 (a video)


  1. Hölle (feat. Bela B.) - 4:00
  2. Dein Leben (feat. MC Bogy) (Your life)