Háthayim Marine Provincial Park

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Háthayim Marine Provincial Park, formerly Von Donop Marine Provincial Park is a provincial park in British Columbia, Canada, located on the north end of Cortes Island in the Discovery Islands.[1][2]

The park's original name derives from that of Von Donop Inlet (Klahoose: ha̓θamɩn [3]), which drains NW towards Sutil Channel from the northwest end of Cortes Island. The inlet was named in 1863 by Captain Pender for Victor Edward John Brenton Von Donop, RN, who was midshipman aboard HMS Charybdis, 21 guns. Its captain the Hon. George D. Keane. The vessel arrived at Esquimalt from China on March 23, 1862, and had been ordered to protect the local colonies in relation to mounting hostilities between England and the United States, growing out of the Mason and Slidell affair resulting from the Trent Affair.[4] Von Donop was later Sub-lieutenant of the HMS Duncan from 1865 to 1866. The Duncan, with 81 guns, was the flagship of Vice Admiral Sir James Hope of the North American Station, after whom Hope Island[disambiguation needed] in 1862. Von Donop served as Lieutenant commander on the gunboat Cromer from 1875 to 1877.[5]

Von Donop came from a distinguished naval and military family, and was the eldest son of Vice-Admiral Edward Von Donop. Victor was drowned on 12 February 1881 when he was lieutenant in command of the gunboat HMS Decoy, being swept off the bridge when the ship rolled heavily in a violent storm."[6][7]


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Coordinates: 50°10′30″N 124°57′10″W / 50.17500°N 124.95278°W / 50.17500; -124.95278