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Høgsfjord near Dirdal.
Ferry MF Høgsfjord


Høgsfjorden is a fjord in Rogaland county, Norway. The fjord starts near Idse in Strand and ends near Frafjord in Gjesdal. The Lysefjord branches off from the Høgsfjord near the village Forsand. The fjord is 1500 m wide and has a maximum depth of 170 meters.[1]


The municipality of Høgsfjord was formed after a split from Strand in 1865 (pop: 3,203), which encompassed the districts Høle and Forsand, located on the western and eastern bank of Høgsfjorden respectively, as well as Lysefjorden.

The districts split in 1871 to create two separate municipalities, for statistical purposes, Høle is considered the successor of Høgsfjord. In 1965 most parts of Høle was incorporated into Sandnes, the neighboring municipality to the west.


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Coordinates: 58°54′N 6°2′E / 58.900°N 6.033°E / 58.900; 6.033