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Høiåsmasten is a TV tower used for DAB-, GSM-, FM- and TV-transmission near Halden, Norway. Høiåsmasten, built in 1980, is one of the tallest partially guyed towers in the world and with a height of 320 metres (1,050 ft) the second tallest tower of Norway. It consists, like the Gerbrandy Tower, of a concrete tower as basement on which the antenna mast, guyed to the ground, is mounted. However this mast is, in contrast to that of Gerbrandy Tower, a lattice structure and not a tube structure.

Høiås transmitter

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Coordinates: 59°10′31″N 11°25′43″E / 59.1753°N 11.4286°E / 59.1753; 11.4286