Hüdavendigar Mosque

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Hüdavendigar Mosque
Basic information
Location Bursa, Turkey
Geographic coordinates 40°12′09″N 29°01′16″E / 40.2024°N 29.0211°E / 40.2024; 29.0211Coordinates: 40°12′09″N 29°01′16″E / 40.2024°N 29.0211°E / 40.2024; 29.0211
Affiliation Islam
Architectural description
Architectural type Mosque
Architectural style Islamic, Ottoman architecture
Groundbreaking 1365
Completed 1385
Minaret(s) 1

Hüdavendigar Mosque (Turkish; Hüdavendigar Camii or Murat Hüdavendigar Camii) is a historic mosque in Bursa, Turkey, that is part of the large complex (külliye) built by the Ottoman Sultan Murad I between 1365-1385 and is also named after the same sultan. It went under extensive renovation following the 1855 Bursa earthquake.


The mosque has a reversed T-plan and the Külliye further consists of a Madrasa) and dervish lodge (zaviye), mausoleum Türbe, fountain, a soup kitchen Imaret, a hamam and a Koran school for boys (sibyan mektebi).