Hātea River

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Hātea River
Origin Whangarei District
Mouth Whangarei Harbour
Basin countries New Zealand

The Hātea River is a river of New Zealand. It flows from the north-east of Whangarei southwards and into the northern head of Whangarei Harbour.[1] Its lower length forms the eastern boundary of the city. The banks along the lower reaches are parks and bushland[2] with a series of metalled walks suitable for all weathers.[3]

At Whangarei Falls near Tikipunga, the Hātea River drops 26 metres (85 ft) over a basalt lava flow. The falls, originally known as Otuihau, have been a picnic spot since at least the 1890s.[4]

The spelling of the river's name was amended from Hatea to Hātea by the New Zealand Geographic Board in 2007.[5]

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Coordinates: 35°43′20″S 174°19′26″E / 35.72222°S 174.32389°E / -35.72222; 174.32389