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The cover of Denmark's numeral cancellations 1852-1884 by Tester and Hansen.

Henry E. Tester (1905 – 31 January 1986)[citation needed] was a Danish chemist and philatelist who, in 1982, with Sigurd Ringström, was awarded the Crawford Medal by the Royal Philatelic Society London for parts I and II of The private ship letter stamps of the world.[1]

In his Will, Henry Tester donated three philatelic medals to the Royal Philatelic Society, his own Crawford Medal, his Amphilex 1977 Silver-Gilt medal and his 1982 Stampex Gold Medal.[2]

Selected publications[edit]

  • The Literature on Cinderella Philately. Cinderella Stamp Club, 1972.
  • The private ship letter stamps of the world. (With Sigurd Ringström)
  • Denmark's numeral cancellations 1852-1884. Scandinavian Philatelic Foundation, 1987. ISBN 0936493119 (With Glenn F. Hansen)
  • Suez Canal Company. (With Sigurd Ringström)


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