Henry James Cambie Secondary School

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Henry James Cambie Secondary
Henry James Cambie Secondary School
4151 Jacombs Rd
Richmond, British Columbia, V6V 1N7, Canada
School number 3838058
School board School District 38 Richmond
Principal Mr. B. Wiens
Vice principal

Mrs. M. Ratcliffe

Mrs. E. Schmidt
Staff 68
School type Public high school
Grades 8-12
Mascot Crusader
Team name Cambie Crusaders
Colours Black and White
Founded 1928
Enrollment 1041 (2009)
Homepage http://hjcambie.sd38.bc.ca/

Henry James Cambie Secondary is a public high school in Richmond, British Columbia part of School District 38 Richmond. Cambie was the first secondary school in Richmond. When it first started in 1928, it was known as Richmond High. Later on it changed its name to Henry James Cambie Secondary School. In 1995 Cambie moved to its current location.

In popular culture[edit]

  • Cambie Secondary stands in as the exteriors of Medora High School in The CW's television series Aliens in America. Some of the interiors were also used before the filming for the school scenes were shifted over to a Vancouver film studio.

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