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H.U.V.A. Network is a musical collaboration between Magnus Birgersson of Solar Fields and Vincent Villius of Aes Dana.[1] Their first track appeared on an Aes Dana album for Ultimae Records in 2001.[2] Since then, they have released 3 albums on Ultimae Records. The artists only met a few times during the creation of the albums, most of the work was done via the internet. Magnus Birgersson is based out of Gothenburg, Sweden while Vincent Villius works from Lyon, France. H.U.V.A. stands for Humans Under Visual Atmospheres.[3]

H.U.V.A. Network
Genres Ambient
Years active 2001 - Present
Labels Ultimae Records
Associated acts Solar Fields, Aes Dana
Members Vincent Villius, Magnus Birgersson


  • "Distances" Ultimae Records, 2004
  • "Ephemeris" Ultimae Records, 2009
  • "Live at Glastonbury Festival 2005" Ultimae Records, 2010


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