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HBSA Hospital Radio
City of license Irvine, Kilmarnock
Broadcast area Ayrshire Central Hospital, Crosshouse Hospital,
Frequency Internal cable system
Format Hospital Radio
Website http://www.hbsaradio.com/

HBSA Hospital Radio, based in Crosshouse, is the hospital radio station for Crosshouse Hospital near Kilmarnock, Scotland.

The station have been broadcasting for over 25 years and began by pre-recording programmes on old disco units. Since beginning in 1980, HBSA has broadcast to Ayrshire Central Hospital, Ravenspark Hospital and Crosshouse Hospital. With only the latter now served.


HBSA was formally opened in 1980, and from its first programmes – which were pre-recorded on an old disco unit – the service has progressed to a volunteer-led organisation serving patients in Crosshouse Hospital, Kilmarnock. In the winter of 1994, HBSA had a major refit of the main studio thanks to a grant from the ITV telethon trust. This had a great effect on the station, enabling it to provide better programming and entertainment for the patients of North Ayrshire and Arran NHS trust. In 1995, the refit paid dividends as HBSA received the Scottish Region award in the BT Hospital Radio Awards Scheme. HBSA works closely with many outside organisations[who?] to provide a service to the patients.


In 2007, HBSA Hospital Radio were awarded over £12,000 from NHS Ayrshire and Arran Staff Lottery to refurbish two on-air studios.

In late 2009, with low membership and almost no service, HBSA relocated from Ayrshire Central Hospital to new studios at Crosshouse Hospital. Since that time, HBSA has built its membership and its reputation to become the most listened to station with the hospital.

HBSA is a volunteer-led registered charity; it typically takes around 30–35 volunteers to run the service. During off-air times and empty presenter slots, HBSA has its own custom-made recorded playout service. HBSA is operated by an elected committee of seven trustees, all of whom are also broadcasters on the station.

HBSA broadcasts on the Hospedia network which serves Crosshouse Hospital and the Maternity Unit.

Current Presenters (up to date as of April 24th 2015)[edit]

  • Alan Wallace
  • Alyson Thomson
  • Billy Withers
  • Cait Marshall
  • Chris Brown
  • David Durham
  • David Reid
  • David Durham
  • Doctor DJ
  • Ellan & Gillian
  • Jed Boden
  • Jennifer McLaren
  • John Kelso
  • John Kennedy
  • John McNee
  • John Surgenor
  • Johnny Robertson
  • Julie Findlay
  • Kirsty Kane
  • Lenny Harper
  • Lois Robertson
  • Lucy Telford
  • Maggie Brown
  • Margo Houston
  • Pat Knapp
  • Patrick Cassidy
  • Paul Williams
  • Robert Fraser
  • Sandy Brown
  • Scott O'Hare
  • Simon Jenkinson
  • Stevie Muir
  • The Beard
  • The Jingleman
  • Zak McPherson

Previous Members[edit]

Several previous members of HBSA gone onto professional media careers.


The station promotes two ways that volunteers, friends of the station or anyone can fundraise online for them. They have an online shop where every purchase earns a donation for the charity, and promote use of the Everyclick search engine where each search earns a small donation.

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