HC Lada Togliatti

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Lada Togliatti
HC Lada Togliatti Logo.svg
Full name

Hockey Club Lada

  • HC Torpedo
Founded 1976
Based in Tolyatti
Arena Lada Arena
(capacity: 5,903)

2008-2010, 2014-present

Team colors               
Owner(s) AvtoVAZ
Head coach Russia Sergey Svetlov
Affiliates Ladya Togliatti (MHL)
Website www.hclada.ru

HC Lada (Russian: ХК Лада) is a Russian professional ice hockey team based in Tolyatti, Russia. They are members of the Kharlamov Division of the Kontinental Hockey League.

Due to a lack of a satisfactory arena the KHL expelled the team. The team dropped one level to the Supreme Hockey League (VHL) for the 2010–11 season. They were allowed to rejoin the KHL for the 2014-15 season after the opening of the Lada Arena.


July 1976 - team was founded as Torpedo Togliatti;

August 31, 1976 - first exhibition game against Dizelist Penza (final score was 3:3)

1990 - Gennadiy Tsigurov is hired as team coach;

1991 - Lada enters the Highest division of the Soviet ice hockey league;

1993 - Lada loses in the playoffs final and gets its first ever Russian Championships award;

April 1994 - Lada wins Russian Championship becoming a first ever team with non-Moscow origin to achieve such thing;

December 1994 - European Cup debut; silver medals won;

April 1995 - Lada wins silver awards of Russian Championship;

December 1995 - Lada becomes a vice-champion of Spengler Cup after a loss in Final game to Canadian national team;

April 1996 - Lada becomes a Champion of Russia for its second time;

"Lada is European Cup Champion" poster

December 30th, 1996 - Lada wins European Cup;

April 1997 - after the regular season win, Lada lost playoff final series to Torpedo Yaroslavl;

June 2001 - Peter Vorobiev substitutes Valeriy Postnikov for coach position (1999-2001);

April 2003 - Lada beats Avangard Omsk in third place series, receiving a bronze award of Russian Superleague;

April 2004 - Lada wins bronze medals;

April 2005 - playoff finals loss to Dynamo Moscow, Lada receives silver medals.

November 2005 - due to financial troubles, 16 players leave the team. To continue regular season, Lada management uses the players from reserve team;

January 2006 - Lada becomes first ever Russian team to win the IIHF Continental Cup;

May 2006 - Anatoly Emelin signs as a new Lada coach



1 IHL Championship (2): 1994, 1996
1 IHL Cup (1): 1994
1 IIHF Continental Cup (1): 2006
1 European Cup (1): 1996


2 Russian Super League (2): 1997, 2005
3 Russian Super League (2): 2003, 2004
2 IHL Championship (2): 1993, 1995
2 IHL Cup (2): 1993, 1995
2 European Cup (1): 1994
2 Spengler Cup (1): 1995


Current roster[edit]

Updated August 20, 2014.[1][2]

# Nat Player Pos S/G Age Acquired Birthplace
Russia Barantsev, DenisDenis Barantsev D L 22 2014 Togliatti, Russia
Russia Belousov, GeorgyGeorgy Belousov LW R 23 2014 Korkino, Russian SFSR
Russia Bocharov, StanislavStanislav Bocharov LW L 23 2014 Khabarovsk, Russian SFSR
Russia Chernikov, AlexanderAlexander Chernikov W L 30 2014 Togliatti, Russian SFSR
Russia Fakhrutdinov, MaratMarat Fakhrutdinov LW R 25 2014 Moscow, Russian SFSR
Russia Gayduchenko, SergeiSergei Gayduchenko G L 25 2014 Kiev, Ukrainian SSR
Canada Glass, JeffJeff Glass G L 28 2014 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Russia Golubev, DenisDenis Golubev C R 23 2014 Magnitogorsk, Russian SFSR
Czech Republic Hunkes, JiríJirí Hunkes D R 30 2014 Brno, Czechoslovakia
36 Russia Mastryukov, AlexeiAlexei Mastryukov LW L 22 2010 Togliatti, Russia
Russia Nikitenko, AndreiAndrei Nikitenko (A) C L 35 2014 Tyumen, Russian SFSR
Russia Petrov, YuriYuri Petrov C R 30 2014 Togliatti, Russian SFSR
Russia Pyanov, ValentinValentin Pyanov LW L 23 2014 Novosibirsk, Russian SFSR
Russia Romanov, StanislavStanislav Romanov D L 27 2014 Saratov, Russian SFSR
Russia Shenfeld, AntonAnton Shenfeld W L 21 2014 Magnitogorsk, Russia
Russia Shulakov, VitalyVitaly Shulakov D L 31 2014 Angarsk, Russian SFSR
Ukraine Silnitsky, YuriYuri Silnitsky D R 22 2014 Tyumen, Russia
Slovakia Sloboda, KarolKarol Sloboda D L 31 2014 Bratislava, Czechoslovakia
Russia Streltsov, AlexanderAlexander Streltsov F L 24 2014 Nizhnevartovsk, Russian SFSR
Russia Streltsov, VasilyVasily Streltsov C L 24 2014 Nizhnevartovsk, Russian SFSR
Russia Stulov, DmitriDmitri Stulov D L 20 2014 Saratov, Russia
Russia Sviyazov, KirillKirill Sviyazov D L 21 2014 Moscow, Russia
Russia Valuysky, SemyonSemyon Valuysky LW R 23 2014 Togliatti, Russian SFSR
Russia Vorobiev, DmitriDmitri Vorobiev D L 28 2014 Togliatti, Russian SFSR
Czech Republic Zatovic, MartinMartin Zatovic C L 29 2014
Russia Zyuzyakin, MaximMaxim Zyuzyakin F R 23 2014 Novokuznetsk, Russian SFSR


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