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HDB/Cram and Ferguson
Type Corporation
Founded 1889
Headquarters Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Products Architectural design

Hoyle, Doran & Berry, Inc., also known as HDB/Cram and Ferguson, was the successor firm to the original partnership of Ralph Adams Cram, Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue, and Frank Ferguson, their structural engineer making the firm one of the earliest A/E firms. Hoyle, Doran and Berry, Inc. was dissolved in 2011. Ethan Anthony, AIA ICTP now leads the practice as Cram and Ferguson Architects LLC.

The original partnership was founded in 1889 by the "preeminent American Ecclesiastical Gothicist"[1] Ralph Adams Cram and Charles Francis Wentworth. In 1890 they were joined by Bertram Goodhue, who was made a partner in 1895. In 1913 the name was changed to "Cram & Ferguson."

Historic projects[edit]

Cram and Ferguson - Currier Art Gallery proposal 1920, external view.jpgCram and Ferguson - Currier Art Gallery proposal 1920, internal courtyard view.jpgCram and Ferguson - Currier Art Gallery proposal 1920, floor plan.jpg
Illustrations and floor plan from the 1920 proposal for the Currier Art Gallery in Manchester, New Hampshire.


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