OU Geminorum

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OU Geminorum (OU Gem) is a visual binary or possible Triple star located in the night sky at RA 06h 26m 10s and dec +18° 45′ 25″ [1] in the constellation of Gemini.

The system has an absolute magnitude of 5.91, so at a distance of 48.2 light Years it has an apparent magnitude of 6.76 when viewed from earth. It also has a total Proper Motion of 0.210"/yr and belongs to the Ursa Major stream.

The system is a much studied BY Draconis variable star with a period of 6.99 days [2] [3]

The primary star is also known as HD 45088, HIP 30630, BD+18° 1214, SAO 95677, YPC 1489.00, ADS 5054, and Gliese 233


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